An energy performance certificate is an important document, as any seller or buyer of a house soon finds out. It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s a report card on how well a house handles the energy it consumes. While the rating on a certificate ranges from A to G, numerous points have to […]

A hot shower is one of the greatest pleasures in life – but not if the shower in question is dirty, cramped, or otherwise unsatisfactory. A refreshing shower on a hot day is the ideal way to cool down – but not if the water comes out too slowly, or you have to use the […]

Oak is one of the most enduringly popular woods used in the production of quality furniture. It is subtle enough to be used in many different styles of home and if looked after correctly, will last for years. Oak Advantages Oak is a beautiful wood with the advantage of being extremely sturdy and is therefore […]

As we all know, there are many different types of doors available today. We are probably most familiar with wooden doors, as they have been made use of for centuries. But, sad to say, wooden doors, whilst having aesthetic appeal, have the tendency to warp or rot and may have to be repainted once every […]

I know, it is the midst of winter. It is cold, dark, windy and miserable and we have all just got over Christmas. So what better way to cheer ourselves up than to start thinking about our summer barbecues – or in most cases for us Brits – as soon as there is any possibility […]

As you grow older you may find that sitting comfortably is not as easy as it used to be. Sometimes back or joint problems mean that you need increased support in certain areas, or you may have mobility issues that make it more difficult to stand up from a seated position. These chairs incorporate motors […]

The last few years have seen a resurgence in interest for all things British and furniture is no exception. From British made furniture from Westminster Recliners to the latest interiors accessories, there’s never been a better time to buy British. What are the secrets to this success? Huge choice of styles In the past British […]

Despite an immaculate finished appearance, to install a complete set of border fence panels around your garden, you don’t need to be a building expert. When you believe you’re capable of relatively simple DIY work around your home, there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t complete your own garden fencing. Before you begin Before […]

Buying a children’s playhouse might provide the biggest surprise your children will ever receive in their younger years and if they are old enough they can help you design and decorate the wooden playhouse to overlay their own character on the garden building. Purchasing playhouses for children is not the easiest task because there are […]

When you thought it was difficult to encourage children to want to play outside, trying to take them away from their computers, their social media activities and their games machines, can be a tiresome task for any parent. The answer is the perfect dream for most children; make them a wooden playhouse in your garden. […]

The world has advanced so fast, technologically speaking, the past few years, that many people are finding that they can operate an office from their home, and choosing a garden or corner summerhouse is an excellent location for the warmer months, but what you do when the winter arrives? To be able to use your […]

Radiant Heating – Pros and Cons Radiant Heating is a method of heating a building or area which relies on heat transfer from an element, either in the flooring or walls of an area, rather than actively drawing air across a heating element as used in traditional convection heating methods. This can take the form […]